In 1956, during the pastorate of the Rev Melroy Wirick, a lot was purchased on Mitchell Road, since the city wanted to develop the area on South Jefferson Street. A parsonage was built and the Dedication service was on October 26, 1958. In 1961 the basement of the parsonage was remodeled for use as a temporary worship center and class rooms until a new church could be built.
The New Castle Redevelopment Authority purchased the old church, and the last service was held on October 15, 1961. The first service in the new basement chapel was held on October 29, 1961.

Ground was broken for the new church early in May 1968 and the congregation began using the new facility in March 1969 with a service of Dedication held Palm Sunday, March 30, 1969.

Our History

The announcement was made on January 25, 2004 to both the Emmanuel United Methodist Church congregation and the Wayside Community Chapel congregation of the plan to join congregations. The merger took place June 5, 2005. This non-denominational church then became known as Wayside Emmanuel Church. The property known as Miracle Mountain that had been donated to Wayside Community Chapel, also became part of Wayside Emmanuel Church. Wayside Emmanuel Church was shepherded by Pastor/Evangelist Randy L. Crum, the then-current Pastor of Wayside Community Church. Hope Cummins, the then-current Pastor of the Emmanuel United Methodist Church, became the Missions Outreach Coordinator for Wayside Emmanuel Church.

The Spring of 2015 saw the completion of Additions to the Church Facility: The construction project included a conference room that can be divided into two smaller rooms as needed, a storage area, an electrical room, a fully equipped handicap accessible bathroom, and installation of a much needed elevator positioned next to the bathroom.

Pastor Hope Cummins retired from her Missions Outreach Minister position at Wayside Emmanuel Church. Hope's retirement date was July 1, 2015.  She was a woman who devoted her entire life to pastoring, children's ministries, and missionary work.

Pastor/Evangelist Randy Crum resigned from Wayside April of 2018, and the search for a replacement Pastor began. In September of 2018 Pastor Bryan Warner was hired as Full-Time Pastor, and currently leads our flock.

Our 2021 capital campaign started with replacing the Church roof, and work on that has completed: come see how beautifull the building looks now! Phase Two of the campaign will be flooring and lighting. The campaign continues with more improvements - inside and out, stay tuned for more updates...

Come join us and hear God's Word!

Building History

Congregation History